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The importance of exercise

Physical activity and exercise is highly important for your state of health. Exercise and physical activity is literally the movement of your body and the usage of your energy. The energy that you use each day is measured in Kcals and can be anything from walking and engaging in sporting activities to climbing the stairs and doing the housework. Physical activity helps to increase the circulation and elevate your body's metabolism. This in turn helps you to burn calories and fat more quickly and can help you to achieve higher levels of fitness. It is a good idea to replace aspects of your daily life that involve driving or using public transport, for example with physical activity.

As you sweat and become more out of breath during exercise, you put more strain on your body and burn more calories in the process. As you continue to exercise more and more, you'll notice that your fitness levels have increased and this results in you having more stamina which in turn means your performance will be that much greater.

Doing light exercise regularly can also benefit your health immensely. You can detoxify your body more easily and assist it with its processes and functions for removing toxins, pollutants and free radicals. You can reduce your risk of developing certain illnesses and conditions as well which include heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

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