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Specialist exercises

Covering specialist exercise is all about making sure that pregnancy, post op, post natal and seniors fitness is explained and catered for in simple channels. As one of the main areas of fitness we will be covering all of these exercise groups in time and adding to this resource from our knowledge and access to properly researched and documented articles.

Over the coming months we will bring you a range of specialist exercise groups, so please check back. In the meantime please see our brief review below of the areas we will cover:

Cardiac fitness
Make sure you know what's good for your heart and circulation with our guide on exercising properly.
More on cardiac fitness...
Sports injuries
If you're looking to prevent future injuries or just to treat existing ones, read on for the facts.
More on sports injuries...
Post natal exercise
After having your baby, you'll need to be careful of how you exercise - especially for a caesarian birth! Read our advice.
More on post natal exercise...
Pregnancy fitness
During your pregnancy it is fine to work out, but obviously it becomes more important as the birth gets closer.
More on pregnancy fitness...
Seniors / 50+
There's hundreds of ways to work out as you get older - from weights through to treadmills or exercise bikes.
More on seniors/50+ exercise...

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