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Beginner's workout exercises

What are beginners' workouts? While anyone can do the same type of workout, someone who is new to exercising will want to do shorter, les intense workouts until they have gained some experience and conditioning.

What sets beginners' workouts apart from those that more experienced exercisers might do? The biggest differences will be duration and intensity.

For runners the rule is to increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10% per week, and you can apply this rule to the total time you spend working out.

For intensity, either use a heart rate monitor, or rate the effort of your workouts. You should get a couple of months steady endurance work under your belt before beginning more intense workouts such as intervals.

Core stability
When trainers refer to core stability, they are talking primarily about strengthening the muscles of the abdomen (abs) and low back, which is essential for everyone, not just athletes.
More on core stability...

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