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Are you active enough?

So are you active enough? To benefit from the health advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle, you need to indulge in around half an hour of physical activity each day and children need to do even more exercise. The intensity of your workout is also of vital importance to establishing whether or not you are active enough. Light exercise can help you to detoxify your body whereas too much exercise can cause injury and be harmful to your health through the production of free radicals. It's easy to determine whether or not you are active enough.

If you are exercising once a week, you are too inactive whereas if you are taking regular physical activity each day, you may be doing too much! If you spend less than ten minutes exercising when you are being physically active, you need to do more while if you spend more than half an hour a day exercising vigorously, you may be harming your body.

The intensity of your levels of exercise is also highly important in establishing the extent to which you are being active. Moderate intensity levels are required to give you the optimal benefits for your health and fitness. you may need to exert yourself more in order to obtain better benefits to your overall wellbeing or you may need to take it a bit easier, whatever your health and fitness levels currently are, it is very easy to make some simple but highly effective changes to your lifestyle that can mean you are much fitter and healthier.

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