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Observing and comparing the online profiles of varying fitness careers can provide you with a well-rounded picture of the different paths available to you. Your search will undoubtedly demonstrate that the vast array of careers within the industry is astounding. The following general career profiles provide a sample overview that may assist you in commencing your search.

Fitness career profiles:

Personal trainers
Personal trainers typically work within fitness facilities. They are primarily responsible for assisting their clients in achieving their fitness goals through tailored programs including a combination of diet and exercise technique education. Personal trainers exhibit the qualities of being outgoing, effective motivators, and the ability to be empathetic to their clients needs.

Fitness instructors
Fitness instructors teach individuals or groups of students specialised skills related to a particular type of fitness activity including: Pilates, aerobics, cycling, and yoga. Responsibilities include assessing the fitness level of students, accurately demonstrating exercises, and monitoring students' safety whilst performing exercises. Instructors must be able to communicate effectively, through clear delivery of simple instructions. They should also be organised, physically fit, and have the ability to tailor their classes to each set of students.

Health and Fitness Consultants
Health and fitness consultants are responsible for training and providing appraisals for instructors and trainers. Consultants must have an in depth knowledge of fitness, strong presentation skills, an aptitude towards successful training, and an ability to interpret, analyse, and provide critical feedback to fitness professionals. A career as a health and fitness consultant is typically entered into after prior experience as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

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