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There are numerous companies both public and private, seeking to hire fitness professionals. The advantages of working for an established company are manifold. Gyms and fitness centres offer the security of an established client base, the support of a team atmosphere that is a result of working with a group of people who share similar career goals, and perks such as free or discounted membership. In order to keep overheads low, many fitness instructors who are self-employed, will contract out to established companies that cover the costs of facility rental, equipment maintenance, and purchasing, as well as client services such as towels and lockers. Fitness facilities also provide the opportunity to work in many other aspects of the industry, such as marketing, management, and consultancy. By engaging in full time work with an established organisation, employees ensure a steady income, and the possibility for career advancement.

Fitness career opportunities offered by companies are also open to those interested in fitness related sales, who may choose to work for one of the numerous retail fitness stores, or health product shops. Others may lean towards motivating individuals into embracing a healthier lifestyle, by being contributing writers to fitness magazines on a freelance basis.

Whatever your chosen sectre of fitness you will likely be able to opt for working on a freelance basis. Freelancers reap the benefits of creating their own schedule, setting their own fee for the service being provided, and the opportunity to selectively choose clients. Courses in business management and basic accounting are ideal for providing the self-employed with the fundamental skills for running their own business.

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