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GetFit Coaching Full Feature List

Qualified Coaches

First and foremost, your GetFit Coaching coach is a qualified Personal Trainer skilled in the provision of personal fitness management.

Fitness lifestyle questionnaire

This is a detailed "fitness lifestyle" survey that you undertake when you join GetFit Coaching recording your fitness motivations, goals and constraints. This information is used by your coach to create your personal fitness programme.

Integrated GFS account for each member

GetFit Coaching is integrated with leading online fitness service GetFit Fitness System (GFS) and every member of GetFit Coaching receives full access to GFS (worth £60 per year). Your coach also has access to your GFS account in order to create, monitor and manage your individual fitness programs.

For more information on GFS please click here

Email with Coach

You and your Coach can communicate to one another using the internal email system within GetFit Coaching. For instance, the coach may send you a motivational message, a reminder to complete your workout or an answer to a question you have asked. When an email is sent within GetFit Coaching an external email is also sent to the recipient's personal email address, letting him or her know that an email awaits them.

Chat with coach (online)

"From time to time the coach can schedule a "real time" chat session you. For instance a chat may be held as part of your induction or to assess your progress or your re-evaluate goals at the end of a programme". Director, BUPA

Resources - Articles, surveys and tips

GetFit Coaching includes an extensive library of support materials for the coach to utilise in the efficient management of your fitness. This includes an array of health and fitness articles, surveys and quick tips to support and educate you, assigned by the coach based upon your individual goals and fitness programme. You access these resources from your personal GetFit Coaching home page.

Goals and Journal

Your coach can assign fitness goals to you using this feature and you can use the journal feature to record entries about these goals. This may include entries about your food in-take, workout experience, energy levels or any other observation or query relating to your program. Your coach is able to view all journal entries you make and respond accordingly.

Sign Up

GetFit Coaching offers unlimited online access to your PT for an extremely affordable £29.99 inc. VAT per month. After all, money spent on your fitness is money well spent!

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