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Probably the most popular of clubs with the 'young city socials', LA Fitness gyms and fitness clubs have great music, great equipment and everything being fairly full-on.

Unfortunately, with great membership packages, LA Fitness gyms are very popular and some central city locations can get quite packed at peak times (so we suggest going out of peak times!).

LA Fitness Gyms features excellent machines, free weights and CV equipment, although watch those peak times! Some clubs also have a 'ladies only' workout area. On joining, you will have a full induction and bespoke training programme with our fully qualified personal trainers. There is also an excellent range of classes in their studios, ranging from Aerobics and step through to Pilates and various martial arts.

After all the sweat, there are spas, saunas and steam rooms available as well as LA Hair and Beauty salons, and Wellness Centres. Cr&eagrave;che facilities are available throughout the day and remember to check our social scene.

What's the membership fee for all of this?

The joining fee ranges between £95 - £180 - depending on level of membership required and the location. Monthly membership then ranges on the area and type of membership - please check the website for more details.

Classes are available for non-members, the price being £5 per class.


For more information and to find out about their monthly offers, visit :

» www.lafitness.com

 *Terms and conditions apply

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