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Circuit training exercises

A classic exercise staple, circuit training offers fitness enthusiasts an all-round workout that develops strength, stamina and mobility. In a typical circuit training session, you can expect to perform a series of different exercises for a set number of repetitions before moving on, and each new exercise will work a different muscle group to the one before, so that you don't overwork one muscle group. Before starting circuit training, you'll warm up with some light jogging and stretching, and repeat the same pattern to cool down at the end of the session.

The muscle groups worked during a session can be divided into core and trunk, upper body, lower body, and total body.

Total body exercises include:

  • Skipping
  • squat thrusts
  • burpees
lower body exercises are:
  • bench squats
  • step ups
  • shuttle runs
  • star jumps
upper body exercises include:
  • press ups
  • pull ups
  • bench lifts
  • bench dips
Core and trunk exercises are:
  • Sit ups for the lower abdominals
  • Stomach crunches for the upper abdominals
  • Back extension chest raises
Two workout sessions per week is the ideal, and it's a good idea to leave at least 48 hours in between sessions, to give your body time to recover. This type of workout is flexible enough to suit all ages and levels of health and fitness, and can also provide plenty of variety for your exercise programme.

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