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Obesity is at an all time high, so gyms and fitness tips are in demand like never before. With fitness and exercise tips at the top of most agendas for losing weight, gyms in your local neighbourhood can be an option to workout. Finding a gym is easy with GymUser.co.uk and we offer the UK's most comprehensive gym directory along with all this fitness advice that you will also require. Go on have a browse!

Gym chains
If you are looking for gyms to get fit at a facility tested the nation over, there's a lot of chains out there. Research your choices online today.
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Exercise basics
To ensure you don't end up worse off then before you were trying to get fit, check out the stretching and warming up exercises that will help prevent injuries.
Exercise basics...
Exercise benefits
The way which you get fit is by exercising which has a vast number of benefits. We look at the different exercises, what's good and how it will help you.
Exercise benefits...
Cross training
Work out all your muscles with crossfit training classes at the gym.
More on cross training
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Moving on to our new platform, we are now concentrating on fitness and exercise workouts, guides and good old fashioned content. Stick around to see some great new tools and content.

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